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Photograph by Polina Bulman, United States

Participating is simple and free.  Upload images you’ve made or audio you’ve created and we will share it to our live journal unfiltered. If an image, story or audio clip is particularly poignant, It will be featured on the home page. All content will be searchable by country allowing you to explore how your current experience relates to others around the world.

What can I submit?

If it helps, here are a few prompts to get you started

Take photos of:

  • Your current life
  • Stress
  • Happiness
  • Details
  • The mundane
  • Self Portrait
  • Inside life
  • What’s behind you
  • Religious or spiritual activities
  • Makeshift living/sleeping spaces
  • Outside life
  • Photos of art projects
  • What’s changed?

Record Audio of:

  • Outside sounds? What’s different? 
  • Narrate your environment
  • What’s comforting?
  • Sounds of spiritual or religious practice
  • Sounds inside your home?
  • What has changed at home in terms of sound?
  • What does solo isolation sound like?
  • Do you still have to work? What does it sound like (hospital, supermarket, bus)?
  • The TV broadcast or radio. 
  • What music is playing?
  • Kids comments (funny or serious)


  1. There are no rules!
  2. This project is open to anyone. Upload what you find interesting and our editors will save the best for a home page feature.
  3. Content can be from posts already made on social media. We know it’s the first place for most of us to post. Now is your chance to share it with a larger supportive audience.
  4. Please only content made in 2020 (and beyond)
  5. If you have sensitive content that requires you to remain anonymous. Select that option during the upload process.  If we have any questions we will email you.
  6. And lastly, please keep post-processing to a minimum. Allowed editing/toning techniques include white balance, colour, contrast, dodging and burning. We reserve the right to remove any image or audio should the authenticity of its file integrity come into question.