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Window portrait

Photograph by
Saskia Albers

I am taking windoe portraits. It is a way for me to keep my sanity, to go out, feel like I am contributing by collecting money for the NHS and telling peoples stories. This is Jo her story:

“We are self-isolating for at least 12 weeks as my husband Mark is in the highest-risk category. Life is challenging, as it is for everyone. My son James finds it hard not to see his friends or to go to school. He is an only child and I really feel for him. Having everyone at home all the time and not being able to go out has its ups and downs. I really appreciate the garden like I never did before and know we are incredibly lucky to have one.
Adjusting to a different way of living takes up all the hours of the day. Parenting under lockdown is not ideal and, for me, there are times when just having time to yourself is an unimaginable luxury.
With this lockdown life, it is certainly the smaller things you come to appreciate – a quiet moment, sitting in the sunshine, affectionate times with my son. I’ve been connecting up with my friends and family more, and we’ve discovered what a wonderful local community we live in. Our street has formed a mutual support group and every day it highlights the kindness and generosity of the people
around us. I take life one day at a time, as I know we will be one of the last to leave lockdown conditions. During this time, I do have hopes for the future though – I hope we don’t forget what’s really important in life or stop valuing our key workers. I hope we change our society’s values for the better, with an emphasis on community, caring and compassion. In the rush back to normalcy, I hope we reconsider what we want ‘normal’ to be. And I hope we take the best of this crisis and use it to forge a better
future, together.”

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