United Kingdom

Window portrait

Photograph by
Saskia Albers

Another one of my window portraits. A project that helps me to be okay during these times.

This is the story of Kiera:

“Lockdown continues to give rise to a mix of feelings. On one hand spending so much time together is wonderful. Life is usually so rushed with commuting, work, preschool and the pressures that places on you as a family. Time is precious. On the other hand it is a real challenge, practically and emotionally, to juggle work and a young child who is sociable and missing her friends and activities. I miss my own space too. We all need a little of that. The uncertainty of how the situation will unfold can cause anxiety. However we are robust as people and as a family. We manage to laugh every day. On a wider social level we have seen how successful remote working can be and this should encourage greater uptake after this enforced experiment. Of course the devastating impact of coronavirus is impossible not to be affected by. We just take it day by day and try and keep positive imagining the day we can embrace our family and friends again and have coffee in the sunlight at our favourite café.”

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