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The last task of the day, brushing my teeth.

Photograph by
Jess Cheetham

I am huge. And I still have a month to go. Physically moving around now, getting in and out of bed, off the sofa, moving around on the floor as I play with my son is starting to feel very difficult. I also keep wondering when you will arrive; early, late or on time.

My midwife visited me last week for my 34 week appointment at my home and as she walked up my garden path wearing her protective clothing I felt like I was going to cry. It brought the reality of our global situation in stark focus just from only being able to see her eyes as I chatted to her. I felt so moved by her dedication to her job, her kindness and reassurance to me, and a sense of guilt that I can safely shield myself at home whilst she is out and about every day.

But we’re finally on the home straight. A very different home straight to the one I experienced with my first. And finishing it off under a lockdown during a pandemic was something I never would have predicted in my wildest dreams.

Come when you’re ready little one, I am ready for you.

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