Turks and Caicos Islands

Conscious about our water.

Photograph by
Christel Kendrew

Turks & Caicos went into complete lock down on Saturday March 28th.
Even though we only have 4 official cases on our tiny island in the Caribbean (38 sq mile), we also only have 30 beds in our hospital.
Plane are not flying in or out except in case of Medivac and we are counting on our weekly containers of food from Miami as we do not produce anything.
We are surrounded by the ‘Bluest’ water you can imagine but we are not allowed to go swimming anymore…
Despite all of this, we are as ready as we can be, extremely grateful as it is endless summer here.

2- Dad teaching the importance of saving the water as we have no ‘city water’ but we collect rain in our cister under the house… We all know how kids love to play with water …

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