Kingsday2020 turned into Homeday2020

Photograph by
Sandra Stokmans

So in the Netherlands we celebrate the Kings birthday as an official national holiday. We celebrate it big within our villages and our cities with parades, big music performances, free markets mostly for kids, etc.. There is always so much to do. It is crowded, it is loud, it is very “gezellig”. Most of us love this national holiday.

This year obviously everything was different. The 6 feet rule, the no-gatherings rule (max 3 people I think) made this way of celebrating a no go. So for most people it was deciding if they were going to celebrate it at all and if so, how. We celebrated at home. To be more specific in our ‘front yard’ which is a small playground in front of our house. Where of and on the whole day our awesome neighboorhood kids and adults could be found. Of course keeping all the rules in mind – as much as the alcohol allowed 😉 .

So it was different, good different.

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