Birthdays in quarantine – Diptych

Photograph by
Sandra Stokmans

17 maart 2020 my daughter turned 10.
7 April 2020 my son turned 12.

There are a lot of birthdays happening during these times. It’s birthdays without loved ones (living outside your home). Without hugs and kisses from grandparents or (grand)children. It’s sad and disheartening. But also encouraging the ways people try and connect; find and ‘visit’ their loved ones.

On 23 April 2020 when we were walking the dog we saw a car stop and people started waving fanatically. We followed their waves. There was a window with ballons and behind them an old lady was also waving. We pass this nursing home, Snavelenburg (Maarssen), several times a day while walking the dog. That day we made a connection.

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