Sisters color each other’s hair with Kool-aid

Photograph by
Aniya Emtage Legnaro

We live in Barbados, and the uniform system is very much in place. There is no room for personalization or individuality. Skirts must be one inch below the knee, socks must be white for girls, brown for boys. Shoes must be brown for juniors, and black for seniors. Hair must be kept tidy and pulled back for girls with hair ties that match the school colors, and hair length must be no more than 2 inches for boys.

The minute we knew school would be out due to COVID-19, my daughters felt freedom, and like all teenagers, were eager to express themselves through their hair.

We bought packs upon packs of red Kool-aid to ensure their dark curls were would turn at least auburn.

I loved how they did this together, I love the stains on their shirts, and I love that, despite my personal feelings towards the uniform system, they had this chance to explore.

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