Terms and Conditions

Your Copyright

Creators who participate in the Six Feet Apart project remain the owner of all rights to their submitted images and audio clips, including all copyrights.

The term “creator” represents anyone who has submitted content to the Six Feet Apart project.

Photo Manipulation Guidelines

No digital manipulation of any photo submitted is allowed beyond standard editing practices. Allowed editing/toning techniques include white balance, colour, contrast, cropping, dodging and burning. 

Digital manipulation not allowed includes cloning, patching, or any form of pixel manipulation that alters or removes content from the original photo (the exception being sensor dust spot removal). If concerns are found regarding the authenticity of submitted content, the creator must provide a RAW file version of that photo.

We reserve the right to remove any photo should the authenticity of its file integrity come into question.

Nudity & Sensitive Content

By submitting your content, you agree that you have the full consent of every adult in your photo or audio clip, including any children and their legal guardian or representative’s consent. 

How we use your content

You understand that by submitting your content to this website it may be used to promote Six Feet Apart which includes (but is not exclusive to), Instagram posts, Facebook posts, future press releases, coverage about Six Feet Apart on third party websites, email newsletters, and any other digital and print medium we believe brings greater exposure to the Six Feet Apart project. We will not sell your content and every effort to give full credit to the creator will be made.