About This Project

Six Feet Apart is an experimental project bringing together visual creatives driven to document their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and its rippling after-effects. 

Social media has become the obvious central point to connect for so many, and yet with a plethora of accounts to follow, hundreds of hashtags and regularly censored content,  finding a meaningful representation of our collective experiences outside of the algorithm is virtually impossible. We want to change that experience.

Guided by documentary photography principles, Six Feet Apart is focused on providing a space where images and audio that reflect the differences and commonalities of our day-to-day lives can live.

Participating is simple and free.  Upload images you’ve made or audio you’ve created and we will share it to our blog unfiltered. If an image, story or audio clip is particularly poignant, It will be featured on the home page. All content will be searchable by country allowing you to explore how your current experience relates to others around the world.

Six Feet Apart was created by Chantal Lawrie and Tristan Shouldice

Chantal is an Argentinian photographer living in Miami, FL. She works mostly in the documentary field but also shoots commercial work as well. Chantal’s passions include travel, music, reading and podcasts.

Chantal’s Instagram

Tristan is a Canadian documentary photographer and co-founder of the Documentary Family Awards.

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Banner photos by Teodelina Detry, Uruguay