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Photograph by Ana Matijaca, Croatia


    Let's hear what your life and those around you is like. How do you feel today? What has changed for the better? What do you miss? If there are kids in your life, How do they feel about the pandemic?

    We are asking you to send in recordings of 4 minutes or less of you talking about life during COVID-19 and it's after-effects.

    No restrictions. We are looking for a full spectrum of experiences.

  • For clarity, we will refer to your name as the "creator" throughout this form.

  • Audio Themes

    1) Confessions

    What are you thinking about but haven't really talked about with anyone else? By sharing some of our hardest COVID-19 moments we might help others realize they are not alone. Submissions can be anonymous to protect your identity and allow for deeper explorations of your current experience.

    2) Conversations with kids

    What are the kids saying, thinking or feeling? Funny, thoughtful or sad let's hear their perspective.

    3) Optimism

    Your positive changes and experiences since COVID-19. What have you learned?

    4) I miss …
    What do you miss?

  • Audio Upload

    Max length: 4 minutes

    Accepted Formats: mp3, wma, wmv, flv, avi, mov, mp4, m4p, m4v, mpg, mp2, mpeg, mpe, mpv, m4a, aac, ogg, oga, mogg, 3gp, m4r, caf, flac, wav, wave

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  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We really appreciate it.

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